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What the Inter-school colouring contest of the Krishna Janmashtami special held at MagicBox Animation left behind, was a whole new world of colours that we never knew existed in the minds of the naive little children, who participated and took the efforts to bring life to images of Krishna.

Winners of Krishna Jayanthi InterSchool Colouring contest 2018

The numerous shades and prints of blue hues that were spread about at the time of judging simply lit up the room with the magic of Krishna himself. And what surfaced at the end of the judging session, was an astounding set of top 15 artworks by children which left the judges speechless.

Awards and Gifts

The winners of the Colouring contest were announced on the 31st of August through the Facebook page of MagicBox Animation, as well as through Whatsapp. The responses received was practically huge and indescribable.

All said and done, on the day of the Prize distribution, a simple ceremony, the auditorium was jam-packed with the prize winners and their glowing parents. All decked up to honour the occasion. The immaculate display of pride could be seen in all the faces, that sat await for what lay in store for the prize winners.

Hosted by Ms.Nandini, the audience was welcomed with enthusiasm and delight. It was unexpected to receive the same magnanimity of response from all present then. The event was presided over by the Managing Director of MagicBox Animation, Mr.Sathish Gupta, who poured out his heart and displayed his emotions of happiness and glee at the prize winners and their ever-supportive families. He encouraged them and applauded their continued support and guidance to the very talented children.

The parents were all praises of MagicBox and expressed their appreciation of the event conducted by MagicBox and the pleasant nature in which it was run. Many cheered the event for its unique and caring team of volunteers and the magnanimity of the organisation to have conducted the event at a large scale without any charges. The many many gifts that were given away to each and every participant along with the participation certificates did not go unnoticed by even a single parent.

The satisfaction and trust that the parents have towards MagicBox Animation were clearly evident in the booming claps and cheers that followed their individual comments and gratitude. The children came forward in order and received their trophies along with yet another special gift and certificates and posed with poise and pride before the crowd.

The impact of the Krishna Jayanthi Contest is large enough to help MagicBox now come back yet again with grandeur and massive new concepts for children and parents alike. So stay tuned! New events are just around the corner. MagicBox Animation is here to surprise you, tickle your thoughts and help you grow! The stairway to your climb!

Taking those tiny little steps, MagicBox Animation has wiggled out of its cocoon, soaring the skies and conducting more events to share the joy of MagicBox with the world. The concept of the Krishna Jayanthi special Inter-school Colouring Contest was to give a chance to kids to splash colours about, have fun and learn something new about our Indian Mythological God Krishna.

It all began with a simple chat about the Krishna Jayanthi day and the greetings to be shared with the followers of MagicBox. Et Voila! A concept was born. A tiny baby of an idea that bloomed into the magnanimous and joyous event for MagicBox. What a wonderful day it was. Filled with smiles and glittering colours of hope in the eyes of the kindergarteners. A lovely sight indeed, to see the parents mull through the crowd to send off their little ones on their special experience of colouring their favourite character sketches with their favourite colouring materials.

A big applause and heartfelt thanks are given to the many schools that pushed their kids to participate in this special event. Had it not been for their cooperation too, many kids wouldn’t have had the joy of displaying their talent on paper here at MagicBox, a very unique opportunity indeed, one that was not left un-knocked by the schools.

Here Are The Highlights Of The Event

  • Children from over 100 schools participated in this Inter-School Colouring Contest.

  • There were hundreds of students who registered and participated in this grand contest.

  • The event picked off at a smooth pace even before the mentioned time in the posters.

  • Our esteemed sponsor Inkmeo played a huge role in communicating with the parents and bringing new products to the public market.

  • Traffic and decorum were maintained very well by the organising team.

  • Children posed with delight next to the photo booth.

  • Every kid had a smile worth a thousand bucks.

The scenic image of the children uniformly climbing up and down the stairs, guided by the event volunteers still remains in the mind’s eye. The magic of Krishna has once again been proven, with the prevailing peace, tranquillity and a sense of togetherness instilled in people.

What was even more surprising was the cooperation and level of understanding shared by the parents with the organisers, in keeping their decorum and abiding by all the rules right from the entrance, until they picked up their happy children with their certificates of participation and little gift bags. A system of numbering the children according to their category and pairing the number with token given to their parents, MagicBox Animation ensured safety levels of the highest order to its participants.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed their every minute of colouring and stunned us all with their artistic talent. It will be a difficult and daunting task yet to decide the winners from the many wonderful artworks that the kids left behind to be judged. They collected their gift bags along with the participation certificates and sponsor surprises with smiles galore.

And so we await the announcements of the Prize winners, which will be held on the 8th of September, along with the next event of MagicBox, the Ganesh Chathurthi Clay Modeling Workshop. So stay updated folks, MagicBox is coming big a bang in the market, bringing opportunities a many for your kids to Shine Through!

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Directing the entire drama and playing only “behind the scenes”, a father plays a very pivotal role in every child’s life. He takes the pains unknown to anyone, only to make life a blessing for his child, no matter what. On this Father’s Day, we took the opportunity to imbibe the value of ‘father’ and inculcate the very nature of loving, sharing, respecting and being for dad- in children.

Even in the scorching heat, each and every kid was excited right at the entrance and came with a hope of fun, which was served to the right, front and centre. They embellished themselves with kinky moustache pin-ups and surrounded themselves with new friends right at the start.

  • Each and every kid participated in the respective activity with a one hundred per cent level of enthusiasm.

  • They listened with complete patience and focus to the story revolving the concept of “Listening to Dad”.  

  • They danced to fun beats and learnt to do new moves along the concept of “Having Fun with Dad”.

  • Their attentions were then heightened to “game mode” as they ran to pick up a hundred and more balls and piled them up in groups.  The concept of “helping dad” was conveyed to the kids effectively through this game.

  • And last but not the least, they learnt “to love my dad” more, and made a personalized card for their dad.

It was a delectable sight indeed, to see the kids enjoy amidst the paint, crayons and stickers, all for making a card for Daddy on “Father’s Day”. It was our intent to enhance the value of “Dad” in a child’s mind and heart, and the end of the event definitely reflected the goal with effect.

An hour dedicated to fun-filled rhymes, dancing, stories as well as energizing games and easy DIY take-home craft activity, it was a well-spent hour after all and has kicked off as a cherish-able event for MAGICBOX too.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the parents and our lively team for making this event a very exciting day for the kids. We look forward to organizing more fun events for kids as well as parents. So follow us on Facebook, Instagram and other social media for updates and invites. Remember, Fun With MagicBox is the right place to incorporate value in your children the fun way.

Directing the entire drama and playing only “behind the scenes”, a father plays a very pivotal role in every child’s life. He takes the pains unknown to anyone, only to make life a blessing for his child, no matter what. On this Father’s Day, we took the opportunity to imbibe the value of ‘father’ and inculcate the very nature of loving, sharing, respecting and being for dad- in children.

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