Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast

Once upon a time, there lived a merchant with his 3 daughters. As he was about to go into town one day, he asked them if they needed anything. To this, the 2 eldest daughters said that they wanted pretty dresses and jewels. The youngest daughter, who was named Beauty, said that she wanted a pair of roses. The merchant heard these requests and left for the town.

On his way back home from the town, the merchant happened to see an old palace with no one guarding it. It had a beautiful rose garden and so he decided to pluck a pair of roses from there for his daughter. As soon as he plucked the roses, a giant beast stood before him. The merchant was scared out of his wits and he trembled with fear. The beast growled and the merchant in fear uttered that he was plucking the roses for his daughter. The beast calmed down and said that he would spare his family if the daughter would live with him. The merchant then went back home, thinking about what the beast said.

Knowing he had no other way to save his family, the merchant told Beauty about what had happened and so she agreed to go to the beast as well. Eventually, Beauty started to live with the beast and they were like a family. One day, the beast gave Beauty a magical mirror. The mirror showed what happened in her house. The beast gave her this, so that she would not miss what happened at her house. One day, Beauty saw that her father was ill and so she asked the beast if she could go and see him. The beast agreed on the condition that she return within a week, otherwise he would possibly die. Agreeing to this, she went to see her father.

Beauty’s father gradually recovered, but she was at her home for more than 10 days and when she looked into the mirror, she saw that the beast was ill now as she had failed to honour her promise. She then went back to the beast and out of the love she had for him, she kissed him on his forehead. Lo and behold! The beast transformed into a beautiful prince and Beauty was shocked to see this. The prince then explained that he had been cursed by a witch and hence he had taken the form of a beast. He could only be set free by a kiss given by someone who loved him dearly and hence he was released from the curse when Beauty kissed him. Beauty then married the prince and they both lived happily ever after!

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