Jack and the Beanstalk

Jack and the Beanstalk

Once upon a time there lived a boy named Jack with his mother. They had a cow with them but they were very poor. One day, they could no longer afford to take care of the cow and so the mother told Jack to sell the cow in exchange for a good sum of money. Jack then took the cow and started to move towards the city.

On the way, Jack encountered a mysterious man. The man offered to buy the cow with a few of his magic seeds and the boy agreed, believing the words of the man that the seeds were magical in nature. Jack went home and showed the seeds to his mother. She was very angry as they now had no money to eat and so she scolded him. She then threw the seeds outside the window, into the empty land behind their house.

The next day when Jack woke up, he saw that a giant plant now stood outside his house where his mother had thrown the seeds yesterday. Jack saw that the beanstalk was so tall that it literally touched the clouds. He then started climbing it and reached the clouds. There, he saw a huge palace on top of a cloud and he walked into it. As he entered the castle and walked in it, he saw huge rooms on either side of him and entered one such room. There were lots of treasure lying everywhere on the floor and at the end of the room, there was a giant lying asleep.

Jack took as many gold coins as he could and silently left the room. He then ran out of the palace and climbed down the beanstalk. He went and gave the gold coins to his mother who was very pleased. She then asked him where he had got the gold coins and then he narrated everything that happened. With these gold coins, they were able to live comfortably for some time, but eventually they ran out of money and so he decided to steal from the castle in the sky again.

Jack climbed the beanstalk and entered the castle but this time he found the giant awake and speaking to a hen. To his surprise, the hen laid a golden egg and it was then he decided that if he managed to steal the hen, he would never be poor again. He waited for the giant to fall asleep and then he took the hen, but the hen started to make noises and due to this, the giant woke up and he started to chase after the boy. The boy ran with the hen for his life and he quickly got down the beanstalk. The giant too had started climbing down and so the boy took an axe and started to chop down the beanstalk. The boy chopped and chopped and finally he cut down the giant beanstalk. The giant beanstalk came tumbling down from the skies and the giant fell from up above and landed on the ground with a huge thud. The giant died instantly and the boy returned home to his mother with the hen. They lived happily ever after.

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