Jack Tree as Witness

Jack Tree as Witness

Once upon a time, when Akbar the Great was ruling the Mughal dynasty, a man by the name of Abdul Khadir came to his royal court. He had come to get justice for his money which had been stolen. He asked Akbar to do the necessary in order to get back his money. So, the king asked him to explain what had taken place in order for him to carry out the necessary actions. Abdul then started to narrate what had taken place.

Last year, Abdul had gone on a pilgrimage with his wife. Since he had no successors, he had to give his life savings to someone in order to take care of it. Abdul put all the savings in a box and gave it to his friend, Mohammed Nazir. Then Abdul and his wife went on the pilgrimage. However, when they returned last month and Abdul went to Nazir to take back his box, Nazir said that he did not have any box. In fact, Nazir even said that Abdul had not given him any box of any sort. The king who was listening to all this, told Abdul to come to the court the next day when all the courtiers were present.

Abdul came the next day and at that time, Birbal was present. Birbal then summoned Nazir to come too. When all were present, Birbal cross questioned Nazir and Abdul. Abdul then said that he gave the box to Nazir in a garden with a big jack tree. Birbal said that the tree would be the witness who will settle this dispute. Abdul grew shocked to hear this and asked Birbal as to how a tree could speak. Birbal said that even the earth would speak if she was called upon as a witness. He then told Abdul to go to the tree and convince her to come here to the royal court as a witness. Agreeing to this, Abdul left the court.

A long time passed since Abdul had left and everyone was growing anxious in the court. Birbal exclaimed in surprise as to why Abdul had still not returned. For this Nazir remarked that the garden was near the outskirts of the kingdom and hence he might not even be half way there. Birbal then agreed to wait longer.

After a lot of time had passed, Abdul returned and said that the tree did not speak anything to him. To this, Birbal said that the tree had already come and spoken. Nazir had a shocked expression on his face and was wondering as to what was going on. Birbal then said to the king that when Nazir said that the garden was at the outskirts of the kingdom, it was enough proof to show that he had received the box. Nazir then realised that a small slip of the tongue had now landed him in trouble. Birbal then made him confess and the box with the savings was returned to Abdul. Birbal was thanked profusely and praised for his wisdom.

Moral - One should be content with what they have, instead of aspiring for what others have.

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