How the Koala got its Stumpy Tail

How the Koala got its Stumpy Tail

Once upon a time, long long ago, in the driest part of Africa where the summer was scorching, a koala and a tree kangaroo were sitting on two opposite trees. Besides the hot weather, they were hit with a drought. The koala and the tree kangaroo were good friends and they were talking about finding ways to get water. After discussing for quite a bit of time, the tree kangaroo said that he knew of a way to get water by digging a dried river bed. He said that his mother had done this during an earlier drought and hence it would definitely work out. The koala agreed and they decided to take turns digging the river bed. But though the tree kangaroo was good friends with the koala, he did not know about the laziness of the koala.

The koala carefully watched the tree kangaroo get down from the tree whereas he himself just sat on a branch and pretended to be tired. The tree kangaroo called out to the koala from below and the koala sitting calmly on the branch said that he would take the next turn in digging the hole as he was tired for now. The tree kangaroo agreed and began to dig. After some time when the tree kangaroo called out to the koala, the koala woke up from his slumber and said that his foot was sore and that he needed some more time to rest. The tree kangaroo believed the koala’s obvious lies and continued to dig.

After some time, the koala woke up on his own and asked the tree kangaroo if he had found water yet. The tree kangaroo who was irritated by now, asked the koala to come down and lend him a hand in digging. But, the koala had no intention of getting down and offered more lame excuses. The tree kangaroo continued to dig as he was very thirsty.

Soon, the tree kangaroo found water and as it began to spurt out, the koala heard its sound and came rushing down the tree. The koala ran and pushing the tree kangaroo aside, he jumped head first into the hole and started to gulp down the water. The tree kangaroo was now extremely annoyed and he shouted at the koala to leave some water for him but the koala paid no heed to what the tree kangaroo said. The tree kangaroo got angry and grabbed hold of the koala’s tail. He then started to pull the koala from behind. He tugged and tugged and soon the koala’s tail came away in the hands of the tree kangaroo. The koala jumped out in pain and stared angrily at the tree kangaroo. After this, the tree kangaroo and the koala were no longer friends.

Moral - Lazy people have no spare time

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