Strange Drama

Strange Drama

Once upon a time, in the court of Vijayanagara, king Krishnadevaraya was gathered along with his ministers. During the gathering, Tenali yawned in front of everyone and this irritated the king. He shouted at Tenali telling him that this was a court and not his bedroom. The king then told Tenali to leave the court as a punishment. Tenali got up and left the court, following the king’s orders. After Tenali left, one of the ministers got up and told the king to never allow Tenali in the court again. The king too seemed to agree with this.

Many days passed and the king started to miss Tenali Raman. One day, a disciple of sage Gangadar entered the court and introduced himself. He told the king that Tenali had come to sage Gangadar after he had been sent away that day from the court. The disciple continued by saying that Tenali had fallen into a river. The king immediately grew anxious and enquired about his safety. The disciple replied with a sullen face saying that as the waters of the river were swift, they could not even locate his body. King Krishnadevaraya grew extremely upset at this notice and on seeing this, the same minister who had spoken earlier got up again. He told the king that no compromise should have been made as his intelligence was unparalleled. The king rebuked him by saying why he did not think of this at that time itself.

The king then asked the disciple whether he could meet sage Gangadar to have a few words. The disciple agreed and so they both went to see sage Gangadar. They then reached the ashram of the sage. Sage Gangadar was present and was meditating when the king stopped by to see him. He asked the sage to show the spot where Tenali last stood, so that he could pay his final respects. After that the sage told him that if he wanted to see Tenali so badly, then he could meditate on the spot and his wish would come true. The king did the same and when he opened his eyes, Tenali was in front of him. The king then embraced him and asked him where the sage had gone. He said that the sage was none other than himself in disguise. 

Moral - One should learn to control their anger, otherwise it will result in unfortunate consequences.

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