The Cunning Fox

The Cunning Fox

Once upon a time, there was a hungry fox who was roaming the forest in search of food. He soon reached a small village and found a big tub containing some liquid. Mistaking it to be water, he started drinking it. Unfortunately, his foot slipped and losing balance, he fell into the tub. Struggling and panting for breath, he somehow managed to come out of the tub. It was then he realised that the tub did not contain water but a dye. It was a blue dye and as he had fallen into it, he himself was covered fully in blue colour from head to toe.

However, the fox was cunning by nature and he decided to use this to his advantage. He walked boldly and went up in front of all the other animals in the forest and proclaimed himself as the messenger of god. Along with this, he demanded that all the animals should serve him and bring him the best food along with a royal cave to stay in. All the animals believed him and decided to serve him well.

The blue fox got a royal cave and he sat like a king on a throne. The lion and the tiger were his guards and the bear was his cook. The deer brought the ingredients for the bear to cook and the monkeys served the food to the blue fox. This went on for a few days and everything was well.

Although all was well, the blue fox stayed away from other foxes in fear that they might identify him. But at the same time, the foxes had a meeting and found that one among them was missing. So, in order to locate the missing fox, they howled at night. On hearing this, the blue fox was unable to resist his natural urge of howling along with his family and howled too. The other animals heard this and saw that he was just a common fox. They ganged up and tossing him left and right, they tore him to pieces, killing him on the spot.

Moral - One can never cheat everyone always. He or she is sure to get caught someday or the other if they think they can fool everyone constantly,

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