The Fox and the Cat

The Fox and the Cat

Once upon a time, a fox and a cat were roaming together around a field. As they were roaming, they were talking about many things and one of them happened to be about the ways they knew how to escape any situation. The cat said that he knew only one way to escape. No sooner had he finished saying this, the fox laughed at him saying that he was dumb and that this would eventually lead to his demise.

After this the fox started to boast by saying that he knew hundreds of ways to escape any situation. But the cat then asked him if he knew exactly what way to use in what situation in order to escape. The fox said that he was smart enough to choose when the situation arised. No sooner had these words left his mouth, they both heard the barking of dogs from behind them. The fox and the cat turned to see a pack of 3 dogs chasing them from behind. They were running swiftly towards them and the cat, without a moment’s hesitation, ran up a nearby tree.

The fox was still on the ground and was at a loss as to what was to be done. He was tossing between hiding behind a bush and diving into a burrow. But the dogs were now quite close and so the fox started to run. As he ran, he looked for bushes and burrows in his confused state of mind. He could not find a big bush and so he ran around looking for burrows. The fox was still confused and could not even find a burrow to hide. Whatever burrow he found was either too big or too small to hide in.

The cat was watching all this from above the tree as the fox ran in circles around the field. Just as the fox saw an ideal burrow and was about to dive in, one of the dogs leapt forward and caught hold of the fox’s tail. The other 2 dogs caught up and together, all the 3 of them ripped the fox to shreds and killed him. After the dogs went away, the cat got down from the tree and thought to himself about how having one working idea was better than having hundreds of potential ideas.

Moral - A bird in hand is worth two in the bush. Having one working idea is better than having many potential ideas.

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