The Fox and the Donkey

The Fox and the Donkey

Once upon a time, a donkey was happily trotting in the jungle. He was singing and looking towards the sky as he trotted along. But suddenly, he kept his hoof on a thorn. The thorn pierced his hoof and he screamed in pain. As he saw his blood oozing, he cried for help. No one was there nearby and so he just slumped onto the ground. But soon, someone would come along this way and things would take an unexpected turn.

A fox was walking on the same path in the jungle from the opposite direction and as he came near, he saw the donkey in distress. So he decided to go and help the donkey. The donkey too saw the fox and immediately his mind was filled with thoughts of escape. Naturally, the donkey thought that the fox would eat him as soon as he laid eyes on him and so he decided to run. But as he was wounded, he could not do anything.

The fox came near and asked him why he was lying on the ground in the middle of the jungle. The donkey then narrated to him about what had happened and the fox said that he would help him. The donkey misunderstood this as a ploy by the fox to eat him and so he decided that once the fox pulled the thorn out of his foot, he would kick him in the face and run away. The fox started to pull the thorn out of the donkey’s hoof using his teeth and after a bit of effort, he managed to pull the thorn out completely.

Without wasting a second, the donkey kicked the fox with the same hoof, knocking him to the ground. Then the donkey fled from the scene with all the speed he could gather. The fox got up from the ground and saw that the donkey had fled. He saw his teeth fall to the ground. The same teeth with which he had helped the donkey were now removed from him. The fox whose intentions were noble, was rewarded with a punishment as he did something that was out of his character.

Moral - Be yourself no matter what happens.

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