The Fox without a Tail

The Fox without a Tail

Once upon a time, there was a happy fox walking through a forest. He was striding happily in the sunshine and hopping here and there singing a merry tune. Suddenly, the fox felt a sharp surge of pain shoot up from behind him and when he turned back, he saw that his fluffy tail was caught in a trap which was placed in the bushes. The fox shrieked and cried in pain and could not move an inch.

The fox then tried to pull hard by jumping forward, but this only added to his pain. But as he had no other choice, he tried to pull himself free from the trap before the hunter could arrive. He huffed and puffed and after a long struggle, he pulled himself free. When he turned back, a horrific sight awaited him. He saw that the tail was still stuck in the trap and he had only a tuft of hair behind him now. He yelled and cried in pain but there was nothing he could do now. He walked and went towards his home and on his way, he thought about what the other foxes would say when they saw him with his missing tail. But the fox got an idea and he smiled to himself.

As he reached his home, he found some foxes talking to each other and as soon as they saw him, they turned to him. They all saw his short tail and asked him about what had happened. The fox lifted his head high with pride and said that it was the best thing that ever happened to him. He went on to say that even they too should probably consider getting their tails cut in order to feel the comfort which he felt. The other foxes expressed their doubts on this and on seeing this, the fox continued to push his opinion upon them through other words. He asked the other foxes as to what purpose their tail served and whether they knew this in the first place. The other foxes then huddled together and began to discuss what was to be done. 

After some time, they stopped their discussion and turned to the fox. One of them came forward and said that he was saying this because he was jealous of them. He also went on to say that if he was not jealous and cunning, they would have always accepted him as one of them, no matter what had occurred. With this statement, all of them walked away and left the fox alone to repent for his actions.

Moral - One must not always think he can fool others successfully.

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