The Growing Gold

The Growing Gold

Once upon a time in India, there was an old farmer who was ploughing the field. He would work hard daily as his two sons sat around lazily in the house. The two sons would sit and sleep and dream all the time of getting gold. Because of the laziness of his two sons, the old man never got any sleep at night as he was concerned for their future. But one day he got an idea and decided to go talk to his two sons about something.

He went and told them that long long ago, he had buried a pot of gold somewhere in the fields, but unfortunately he no longer remembered where he had buried it. The two sons upon hearing the word gold, immediately paid close attention to whatever he said and they promised him that they would get to work the next day and find the pot of gold.

The next day, the two sons woke up as the sun rose and started to work even before their father woke up. The two sons ploughed the entire field and plucked out the weeds throughout the day as the father watched on in silence. At dusk, they came to him empty handed and said that they were unable to find anything. The father then gave them a basket of seeds and told them to plant it the next day. He said that the plants were magical and that their roots would pull out the pot of gold. 

Next day, the two sons went about sowing the seeds in the field and they took care of the plants till the time came for their harvest. They dug water canals and did everything to ensure the proper growth of the plants. Soon, they forgot all about the hidden pot of gold and started to love the process called farming. Before they knew it, they became farmers and fell in love with the plants that were growing all around them. When the harvest season came, the father came and confessed to them about his actions, but the sons were pleased and thanked him for bringing them out of their laziness. After that, all 3 of them lived happily ever after.

Moral - What is eaten after hard labour, is eaten with pleasure.

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