The Hens

The Hens

Once upon a time, a group of hens were living in a farm in coops. Among the hens, there were two groups. One group consisted of weak hens and the other group consisted of strong hens. The strong hens always bullied the weak hens and would tease them always. One day, when all the hens were gathered in the farm, one of the strong hens said that he was organising a party in his coop later that day. He went on to say that all were invited for the party except the weak hens. The strong hens chuckled together in delight as the weak hens walked away from the spot.

The weak hens were dejected and they did not know how to tackle this issue. They did not want to fight or bully the strong hens back because they knew it was wrong. They chose to remain quiet and just put up with this bullying. Night came and all the strong hens went into a coop where the party was being held. The weak hens went to another coop where they just sat together and talked with each other.

The strong hens were having great fun at the party by singing and dancing and on hearing this commotion, the weak hens grew very upset. Suddenly a loud noise was heard. One of the weak hens went and saw through a hole in the coop that someone had opened the door and entered the farm. He came and opened the coop of the weak hens. He looked inside. But on seeing that all the hens were weak, he shut the coop and went to the next one.

 A weak hen peered through the hole and saw the person opening the coop of the strong hens. The person reached into the coop and grabbed two of the most plumpiest hens. One of them happened to be the hen which had bullied the weak hens earlier during the day. The man then closed the coop and exited the farm, holding both the hens by their feet. Alas! The weakness of the hens proved to be their saving grace and for the strong hens, their strength was the reason for their downfall. An ironic yet tragic end for the strong hens who were filled with pride.

Moral - One must never bully others or look down upon anyone. Everyone is unique and strong in their own way.

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