The House of Wind

The House of Wind

Once upon a time in India, long before our grandparents and great grandparents were born, there lived a young lady by the name of Archana. She lived alone. Her neighbour was Bhavana, who lived next to her. She was happy with her life and things were going smoothly until one fine day, things were going to take a wild turn.

One day as Archana was hanging clothes out to dry, a strong wind started to blow. Archana was just about to put her red blanket on the clothesline when a strong gust of wind blew and carried away the blanket with it. Archana then started to run behind the blanket. Bhavana saw this and was amused by this. Meanwhile Archana ran and ran for many kilometres before she watched the blanket glide into a palace. Archana walked in and was soon confronted by a charming lady.

The lady was floating in the air and she had a glow around her. She introduced herself as the wind lady to Archana. She then asked the wind lady for her blanket. The wind lady then took her to a room filled with food but Archana said that she did not want anything to eat and so she was shown to a room with boxes of various sizes. The wind lady said that she could take any one box, but she could only open it outside the palace.

Archana tried to lift the biggest box, but found it too heavy. Likewise, she tried all the boxes and eventually found that she was only able to lift the smallest box without any difficulty. So, she took the smallest box and went home. Bhavana saw Archana coming back home with a mysterious box and she decided to peek into her home to see what was in the box. Archana entered her home and after laying the box on the ground, she opened it. Bhavana was looking into the house through a window. To her joy, Archana found her red blanket in it and when she took it out, another surprise awaited her. There was a big gold bar below and Archana’s happiness knew no bounds now. But Bhavana, who was watching all this from the window, was filled with jealousy and greed. Her mind started to think of numerous ways to obtain this wealth for herself!

The next day, when the wind blew, Bhavana let her blanket fly away and walked in the same direction like Archana did the previous day. She then reached the palace of the wind lady and after she was taken to the room with food, she swallowed all the dishes there. In the room of boxes, without any hesitation, she went and tried to lift the biggest box. Though she struggled, her greed got the best of her and somehow, she managed to lift it back to her home.

Bhavana laid the box on the floor and after opening the box, she found her blanket. But to her dismay, she found nothing but a pile of bricks neatly arranged below it. She was enraged and furious that she had carried nothing but a box full of bricks so far!! Bhavana had paid the price for being greedy and jealous.

Moral - One who is content is always rich.

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