The Lion and the Little Mouse

The Lion and the Little Mouse

Once upon a time in the jungles of Africa, there lived a lion called Leo. Leo was the king of the jungle but he was disliked by the animals as he was full of pride. The animals would always walk away from him if they saw him coming near them. Leo never changed his ways and always lived as such.

Many days later, a little mouse named Teo had come into the jungle. He was new and he did not know where to go. By chance, he happened to enter Leo’s cave and when he went in, he saw Leo sleeping. He then got an idea and started to play on the Leo. Teo kept climbing onto the lion and sliding down on his tail. Soon Leo awoke and with a swift motion of his paw, he grabbed the scurrying little mouse by his tail.

Teo pleaded with his life but Leo was in no mood to forgive him. Leo said that he would crush Teo and gobble him up soon. It was then that Teo said that if Leo were kind enough to spare his life, he would someday be of help to him. Leo, who was full of pride, was taken aback when such a little mouse had spoken so boldly back to him. Leo then lowered the mouse to the ground and said that he would spare his life because he was impressed with how gutsy he was. Teo thanked Leo and said that one fine day, he would be back to help him and with that he scurried away.

Many days passed and Leo was his usual self. Leo would walk to the river as part of his routine and all this was being observed by a hunter. One fine day, Leo got caught in the hunter’s trap and he could not come out of the net. Leo growled and roared for help, but no one came to his aid. In fact, the animals near him feigned ignorance and went further away. And it was clear that no one would come to his rescue.

Teo soon came scurrying from a bush and saw Leo trapped in a net. He immediately signalled for two of his friends to come and together, all 3 of them chewed the net at various places and Leo was released. Leo was pleased and he thanked Teo and his friends. After that day, Leo learned to be humble and he became good friends with Teo. They lived happily ever after.

Moral - A friend in need is a friend in deed. One must always learn to be humble no matter how powerful they are.

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