The Two Frogs

The Two Frogs

Once upon a time in an unknown part of Russia in an unknown time, there lived 2 frogs in a pond next to a house. The 2 frogs were brothers, but they were very different in character. The younger brother was very adventurous, intelligent and had a never give up attitude. But the elder brother was lazy, dumb and gave up on things even before they began. The younger brother roamed the field around the pond daily and always took a bath when it was very hot, but the elder brother was lazy and always sat on a lotus leaf, watching things around him without any interest.

One day, the younger brother decided to do something different by going into the barn which was near to the pond. But he wanted to go there with his elder brother and so he asked him if he would accompany him. But the elder brother was indecisive as usual and the younger brother had to compel him before he agreed to join him. Together, they now hopped to the barn.

After entering the barn, they saw a big bucket standing in the middle of the room. The younger frog was curious to see what was inside and so he asked the elder frog to accompany him. Both of them went and leapt into the bucket at the same time. They fell into a white liquid which was slimy and very soft. It tasted very good as well and so both of them decided to have a small swim in it. They swam around and had good fun. But just as they were about to get out, this was when all trouble broke out.

The elder frog first decided to climb out, but was unable to as his body was fully slippery and he always fell back into the liquid. The younger frog tried and met with the same fate. However after a few attempts, the elder frog gave up and decided that he was going to die. So, closing his eyes, he just remained still and floated around in the white liquid. But the younger frog was persistent and was not going to give up. He climbed and jumped and tried again and again, no matter how many times he failed.

Though the younger frog was unsuccessful like the elder frog, he did something else he did not intend to do. The white liquid they were in was actually cream and the constant jumping of the younger frog created currents and soon butter was churned from the cream. Layers of yellow and brown butter began to come up to the surface and soon the younger frog found that he could sit on it. After this he took a great leap and leapt so high, that he leapt out of the bucket and landed on the floor of the barn. He then urged his elder brother to do the same and he too came out successfully. The elder brother thus learnt the valuable lesson of never giving up from his younger brother.

Moral - Success belongs to those who never give up

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