The Two Hungry Dogs

The Two Hungry Dogs

Once upon a time, there were two dogs who were playing by a pond. The two dogs were standing at a distance apart from each other and they were passing a football back and forth among themselves. The two dogs were playing for some time when suddenly, one of them held the ball and asked the other if he had heard any noise. To this, the other dog replied saying that he did not hear anything.

They continued playing and before long, the same dog held the ball again and told the other to listen closely. This time, the other dog listened very carefully and he was able to hear his stomach growling. But, it was not just him, the stomach of the dog who had the held ball was growling in hunger too. They did not know what to do and as they continued to play, their hunger continued to increase.

The rising hunger took a toll on their senses and eventually one of them let the ball fall into the pond. No one took notice as to whether the football had submerged or floated away. Both of them walked lazily to the edge of the pond and peered into the water where they thought the ball had fallen. This was when their hunger began to play tricks on their minds.

Both of them saw something at the bottom of the pond, through the ripples of the water and assumed it to be a big piece of bone. Their hunger knew no bounds and now they sought ways to obtain the big bone from the bottom of the pond. One of them then gave the bright idea of drinking water from the pond until it was empty. Of course, it was an impractical idea, but both of them had lost their abilities to think clearly due to their hunger.

Both the dogs started to gulp water from the pond and within a few minutes, they could not drink any more. They had literally filled their hungry stomach with water and now they looked at each other. It was then that they realised what a stupid act they had indulged in. They had resorted to a brainless activity, in an act of desperation.

Moral - Look before you leap

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