Aladdin and the Lamp

Aladdin and the Lamp

~~In Shahryar’s room

The next day, just before day break, the little sister wakes up Scheherazade and asks her to continue the story of Aladdin. Shahryar too urges Scheherazade to continue and so she continues the tale of Aladdin…

~~Story narrated by Scheherazade

Aladdin is trapped inside the cave by the magician and is wondering what to do. While thinking, he rubs his hands together and in the process, his hands rub the ring which he is wearing too. A dense smoke comes in front of him and from that a big genie emerges. The genie then tells Aladdin that he can ask for whatever he wants and he would grant it for him. Aladdin asks the genie to take him outside the cave and so the genie takes him out onto the land. With this, the genie disappears.

Aladdin goes back home and finds his mother waiting for him, in tears. He tells her about whatever happened and says that the magician is an evil man who cheated them by saying that he was his uncle. The mother agreed and they continued with their work, trying to put this behind them. Few days later, when wondering what to do for food, Aladdin thinks about selling the magic lamp which he brought with him from the cave. So, he asks his mother to fetch the lamp for him. HIs mother goes to a room and takes the lamp. She finds it to be very dusty and dirty and so she tells Aladdin that she will clean the lamp and give it to him. She starts to rub the lamp and out of nowhere, a vast cloud of mist comes in front of her and from that a huge genie emerges. The genie asks her to make any wish she wants and the mother, on seeing the genie speak, gets terrified and faints to the ground.

Aladdin comes into the room and sees his mother lying on the ground and picks up the lamp near her. The genie then says that Aladdin is now the owner of the lamp as he picked it up and so he can wish for whatever he wants. Aladdin then asks the genie to bring the most delicious food to eat. Without delay, the genie instantly fills the dining table fully with the most delicious dishes from around the world and then disappears. Aladdin now comes to know that by rubbing the lamp, he can make the genie appear and make a wish. He then sprinkles water on his mother and wakes her up. They both then eat the delicious food present on the table. However, his mother warns him against using magic like this, as it may one day bring misfortune upon him. But Aladdin is too young to understand and he brushes her concerns away carelessly.

Days, months and years pass as Aladdin grows into an adult. He sells the treasure little by little at the market and makes money. With this money, he and his mother are able to live comfortably. One day, when Aladdin is in the market, the royal guards pass by, carrying the princess in a palanquin. Just in front of Aladdin, the drapings of the palanquin fall down to reveal the beautiful princess sitting inside. It is love at first sight as Aladdin is stunned by the beauty of her and literally cannot take his eyes off of her. The royal guards then repair the palanquin and the procession moves along. Aladdin is however stuck in the moment and as he goes home, all he can think about is the beautiful princess he saw at the market.

Even after reaching home, Aladdin goes and speaks to his mother about the princess he saw the market and expresses his desire to marry her. His mother then tells him to not have any hopes as people might consider him to be crazy. Aladdin is however not faint hearted and at once, he summons the genie. He asks the genie to give a plate full of riches with the most dazzling gems. The genie makes his wish come true and disappears. Aladdin covers the plate with a cloth and then gives it to his mother. He then tells her to go with the plate of riches to the king and ask for the princess’s hand in marriage. The mother agrees and makes her way to the royal palace.

At the royal palace, she awaits along with the other people in front of the king. After some time, the king then calls her to come in front. She then comes forward and asks the king to marry his daughter with her son. On hearing this, all the people present in the royal palace started to laugh, including the king. The mother then removed the cloth on the plate and the entire palace was illuminated by the lustre of the wealth present in it. Everyone fell silent and the king was visibly impressed. The king said that he had never seen such beautiful wealth in his life and he wanted more of it. He said that he would arrange for the marriage if she could get him 40 platters of gold carried by 40 male and female servants. The mother nodded her head and left the court.

After reaching home, she told her son about the condition put forward by the king and the son was happy that the king had not requested for something unreasonable. Aladdin summoned the genie and made him fulfil all of the king’s requests. The mother then went to the king’s palace followed by 40 servants with 40 platters of wealth. The king saw this and was astonished and very happy. Being a man of his word, he agreed to marry his daughter to Aladdin. In fact, he even said that the marriage festivities would begin right away and they shall be married by the end of tonight. The mother went and conveyed this happy news to her son. Aladdin was very pleased and without wasting any time, he summoned the genie once again.

He asked the genie to bring him the best and most expensive garments for his marriage. After this, he asked the genie to create a group of servants to follow him to the palace for the marriage. The genie carried out his wishes to the word and soon Aladdin was clad in the finest of garments and he went to the royal palace escorted by a group of servants. There, he met the king and he was pleased to meet Aladdin too. After speaking for some time, Aladdin then asked the king for a piece of land to build a house where the princess could gaze at anything happily. The king pointed to a piece of empty land right opposite the royal palace and Aladdin agreed to build a house there. 

Overnight, Aladdin approached the genie and asked him to build the grandest palace in the area which the king had shown. The genie constructed the entire palace from start to finish in the snap of a finger and disappeared. The next day, the king awoke to sounds of the people from outside. He peered from his window and saw a humongous grand palace standing in front of his own. Scores of people were gathered, admiring the beauty of the palace.

The city was soon filled with the sounds of drums and trumpets as the red carpet was rolled and things were being set in order for the marriage. Aladdin walked in with the king who was holding his daughter’s hand. The marriage was conducted in a grand and lavish manner with all the people from the town present there. Aladdin finally married the girl of his dreams.

Meanwhile, while everyone was happy and in a festive mood, one was filled with jealousy and despair. It was none other than the magician who tricked Aladdin into helping him get the magic lamp. He was in a room filled with mystical objects and in order to locate the present whereabouts of the magic lamp, he opened an enchanted book. In that, he saw that the magic lamp was now held by Aladdin and he saw how Aladdin’s life had completely changed due to the magic lamp. He was infuriated and closed the enchanted book in a huff. Until now, he was satisfied with himself for at least killing Aladdin in the cave, but now, he was yearning for revenge. His eyes boiled with anger, as he set out with a motive to kill Aladdin and take the lamp for himself.

~~In Shahryar’s room

As planned, Scheherazade stops narrating the story just before the sun rises high. The sister exclaimed in surprise that it was the best story she had ever heard and desperately wanted to know what happened further. So, Scheherazade asked the king if he was willing to postpone her death and Shahryar agreed readily, as he too wanted to know what happened to Aladdin and the magic lamp.

To know what happened to Aladdin and the magic lamp, continue to Arabian Nights - Chapter 7!

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