Birth of Hanuman

Birth of Hanuman

Once upon a time, there lived a monkey king by the name of Kesari. He had a wife called Anjana and together they were happy except for the fact that they had no children. So, they decided to go to a sage for help. They went to a forest and on their way, they found sage Madanka. 

Upon meeting him, they told him about their problem. He at once told them to take bath in the Ganga river and worship Lord Venkateshwara for this purpose. So Anjana and Kesari following his advice, went to the Ganga river and as they were having a bath, they worshipped Lord Venkateshwara. After some time, Lord Venkateshwara appeared in front of them and told them to pray to Lord Vayu, who would bestow them with a child. He also told them to name the child as Hanuman. Saying this, Lord Venkateshwara disappeared.

Anjana then went to a temple and sitting in front of the idol of Lord Vayu, she began to worship him. Soon, Lord Vayu appeared and blessed her to give birth to a child. The blessing manifested soon when Anjana gave birth to Hanuman. Kesari and Anjana were very happy to have a child born to them after a long time.

Hanuman who was a baby now, crawling on all fours would soon grow to become one of the strongest characters in the history of Hinduism and his legacy would be spoken for generations to come.

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