End of Kamsa

End of Kamsa

The evil king Kamsa was running out of ideas and soon he decided to use his best wrestlers, Chanura and Mushtika. He told them to somehow drag Krishna and Balarama into the wrestling ring and then kill them. So Chanura and Mushtika went around the audience , calling out for anyone to challenge them. Once he found Lord Krishna, he started taunting him. Lord Krishna was calm and composed and did not succumb to his taunts. After a long time, when the insults of Chanura crossed a certain limit, Lord Krishna took the permission of his father and stepped into the wrestling ring. 

Seeing this, Balarama too decided to challenge Mushtika. Unlike Lord Krishna, Balarama was hot headed and immediately upon entering the ring, he snapped the neck of Mushtika, killing him in the process. Chanura was a huge man with a lot of muscles and flesh and he was undefeated for many years. Lord Krishna, smart as always, did not fight Chanura head on. Instead, he made him run around the ring and get tired. After Chanura got exhausted, Lord Krishna snapped his neck and killed him with ease.

Seeing this, Kamsa was furious and he decided to take matters into his own hands. He ordered his army to attack the parents of Lord Krishna and Kamsa himself rushed towards Lord Krishna with his sword. A great fight took place between good and evil with both of them exchanging mighty blows. Lord Krishna dodged the wild attacks of Kamsa and gave mighty blows. Kamsa was gradually growing weak.

At the ideal moment, Lord Krishna moved swiftly and pulled Kamsa down by his hair, which made him lose the grip on his sword. As Kamsa fell down, Lord Krishna took hold of the sword which was in the air and beheaded Kamsa swiftly in a single stroke. He then blew his conch loudly to indicate the victory of good over evil, finally putting an end to the tyrannical rule of Kamsa in Mathura.

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