End of Ravana

End of Ravana

Once Indrajit is vanquished, Ravana is forced to come on to the battlefield. Hanuman is meanwhile busy in destroying Ravana’s army with Lakshmana on his shoulder. Ravana’s brother - the great Kumbhakarna is dead and Ravana’s mighty demon army is getting smaller by the second.

Finally, the evil Ravana sets foot on the battlefield and starts fighting. A mighty battle takes place between Lord Rama and Ravana. Their swords clash and sparks fly and after a great struggle Lord Rama manages to sever the head of Ravana, but to the shock of everyone on the battlefield, a new head takes the place of the severed head. Lord Rama severs the head again, but just like before, another head takes its place.

Lord Rama then tries something different and stabs Ravana through the heart with his sword, thus successfully vanquishing Ravana. He then crowns Vibishana as king of Lanka and after rescuing Sita, they return back to Ayodhya. Lord Rama is welcomed by Bharata in Ayodhya and is crowned as the king of the empire. Hanuman bows down to Lord Rama as his humble friend and in return for all of his deeds, Hanuman is granted the boon of immortality. All the people lived happily ever after in the kingdom of Lord Rama. 

But the adventures of Hanuman are not yet over as he is immortal now!!!

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