Hanuman and the Sun

Hanuman and the Sun

Once upon a time, when baby Hanuman was sleeping, the gentle morning breeze woke him up. As he looked outside the window, he saw a bright yellow light through the rustling leaves of the trees. At once, he mistook the sun for a mango fruit and decided to obtain it. So, he jumped from his cradle and walked up to the window. Then, he jumped out of the window.

Hanuman flew towards the light and without realising, he passed through the leaves of the trees and was soon flying out of the earth. He passed the moon and then crossed even the planets of Venus and Mercury! As he flew close to the sun, the guards at the gates grew alert and raised their spears to try to stop him, but unfortunately they were too slow for him. The guards then called upon Lord Indra to stop Hanuman.

Hanuman zoomed past them and was flying at a high rate of speed towards the sun. Out of the blue, Lord Indra appeared in front of Hanuman. Baby Hanuman did not know that he was a god and he flew past him too! Lord Indra now grew angry and manifesting a weapon he hurled it at Hanuman. The weapon struck Hanuman and he was knocked unconscious. Baby Hanuman now started to fall down, back to earth!!

As Hanuman was falling, Lord Vayu appeared and caught him. Lord Vayu was very angry and he threatened Lord Indra with severe consequences for his erratic action against a baby. Lord Vayu then took Hanuman back to earth. Lord Indra was worried by Lord Vayu’s threat and so he approached Lord Brahma for help. Lord Brahma then said he knew of a way and after telling Lord Indra about it, they went to see Lord Vayu together.

When they went to see Lord Vayu, he was very angry. So, Lord Indra immediately apologised to him and asked for his forgiveness. He also said that Lord Surya would teach Hanuman and bring him up under his supervision. After this, Lord Brahma blessed Hanuman saying that the brahmastra would have no effect upon him. Lord Vayu was now pleased and he forgave Lord Indra for his reckless action.

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