Hanuman in Lanka - Part 2

Hanuman in Lanka - Part 2

Lord Rama had told Hanuman to meet with Sita and tell her that he would soon be coming to rescue her. He also gave his ring to him, so that he could give it to Sita as a proof of Rama’s word. After reaching Lanka, he surveyed the surroundings by flying around in his tiny form and waited until night to approach Sita. He found Sita in the garden of Ravana’s palace, surrounded by 3 demons.

They were busy harassing her and Sita was crying helplessly. They were forcing her to marry Ravana soon, or else she would be eaten by them. As night approached, the demons left her to sleep, but Sita was heartbroken and she just sat, staring at the ground beneath her. After the demons left, he went to her, but Sita broke down into tears and thought that he was a demon in the form of a monkey and so she told him to go away. She was so heartbroken that she could not think and act clearly.

Hanuman then gave her Lord Rama’s ring and she was very happy at once to see this. He told her that Lord Rama would soon be coming to Lanka to rescue her. She apologised to Hanuman for being rude to him and she thanked him profusely for being the messenger of such good news. Sita then removed her necklace and gave it to Hanuman to give to Lord Rama, in order to show that she was alright.

Hanuman took the necklace and he started to fly back to Lanka. But more trouble was on its way.

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