Krishna and the Fruit Seller

Krishna and the Fruit Seller

Once upon a time, Krishna was playing hide and seek with Balarama and his friends. They were happily playing by running around and hiding between the various huts. As they were playing, Krishna heard the cries of a fruit seller. Her voice spread and echoed throughout the streets of Gokul and as Krishna was hungry, he wanted to buy some fruits from the fruit seller.

Krishna followed the voice of the fruit seller and after running through the streets, she finally located the fruit seller. The lady who was selling the fruits in her basket was initially stunned by the beauty of Krishna. She was interrupted by Krishna when he asked her to give some fruits from the basket. She then asked what he would give in return for the fruits. Krishna had not thought about this and so he told her to wait as he would bring something to give her. The fruit seller then sat under the tree as Krishna ran to his home.

Krishna entered his home and started to look for something he could give to the fruit seller. His eyes fell on butter, pots and various other household utensils and food items. Finally, he decided to take a handful of rice grains. Krishna cupped his hands together and scooped up as many rice grains as he could in his pair of little hands. He then ran to the fruit seller.

He reached the fruit seller who was waiting under the tree and asked her to take the rice from his hands. The lady then exclaimed that his hands were empty! To Krishna’s dismay, he turned back and saw that the grains had spilled from his hands all along the way. He was disappointed and was about to go away when the lady called out to him and said that she would give him some fruits if he sat on her lap and called out to her as “Mother”. Without a moment’s hesitation, Krishna jumped up on her lap and called the lady as “Mother”. He then got down and asked for the fruits. The lady was very happy and she gave him as many fruits as he wanted.

The lady then went back home with her basket and when she placed it down in her home, she was shocked to see that there were no fruits in the basket, but instead it was filled with jewels and gold coins. She at once knew that the child who had taken the fruits from her, was no mortal being and was someone with divine powers.

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