Krishna and the Pot of Butter

Krishna and the Pot of Butter

Once upon a time. Krishna was playing outside his house. He was upto no good and he chased monkeys and ran around. He was as naughty or in fact more naughty than the other boys of his age. He climbed trees and played pranks on others. Overall, he had a jolly time.

That day happened to be Krishna’s birthday and so, Yashoda was praying for him inside the house. She then called out to him from inside the house. Krishna went to his mother and she told him to get a calf from outside, so that they could pray. He went outside and started chasing the calf. After quite a bit of running around, Krishna finally caught the calf and took her to his house. However, as he entered the house, he was distracted by a pot of butter hanging from the ceiling and he decided to get it at any cost.

Krishna looked around to see how he could reach the pot of butter and then finally, an idea struck him. He took the calf and made her stand below the pot of butter. He then climbed on the calf and the pot of butter came within his reach. Krishna started to eat and relish the butter when suddenly, the calf who was standing below him, ran away. Krishna was left dangling and soon he started to cry for help. He hung from the pot, which hung from the ceiling for quite a bit of time before his mother came to help him. His mother came and saw him dangling and as she did not help him. Instead, she told him to hang from there for some other time as a punishment for his stealing of butter and then she went away. Poor little Krishna continued to hang helplessly from the ceiling.

After some time, Yashoda came and helped him down to the floor below. As soon as his feet teached the floor, Krishna became as naughty as ever and started running around, much to the dismay of his mother.

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