Krishna Breaking the Twin Trees

Krishna Breaking the Twin Trees

Once upon a time, as usual, Krishna was upto no good and was causing mayhem in the village of Gokul. He would use a slingshot and break the pot filled with water which was being carried by a girl. The girl would then complain to Krishna’s mother and she in turn would punish Krishna. But of course, this was not enough to deter a naughty soul like Krishna.

He went silently, tip-toeing his way to a man who was washing clothes in the river. Stealthily, he sneaked up on him and pushed him into the river. The man grew furious and chased him till his home and made sure Krishna got a good punishment from his mom. But Krishna would never learn and one fine day, his mom decided that he needs to be taught a proper lesson. So, Yashoda tried to tie Krishna to a mortar (heavy grinding stone) using rope.

However, the length of the rope was not sufficient and so she got another rope. But even after joining the 2 ropes, she was still unable to tie him up. Yashoda added many pieces of rope but she always fell short by 2 inches to tie him up. This was all a result of the divine antics of Lord Krishna. Finally, he took pity on her and allowed her to tie him up. Yashoda then left him with the mortar and carried on with her work.

Krishna laughed heartily and when Yashoda was not looking, he went out of the house, dragging the mortar along with him! He went on and on, until he reached two large trees, which were standing like twins next to each other. Krishna thought that he could free himself from the mortar by going through the trees and squeezing himself out through the other side. However, when Krishna implemented this, the mortar did not fall off and instead, both the trees fell to the ground with a huge thud! Yashoda came running from her home towards the noise.

Two divine beings arose from the twin trees which had fallen and they claimed to be the sons of Kubera who were under the curse of sage Narada. Sage Narada had said that only Krishna’s touch could free them and hence they thanked Krishna for releasing them from the curse. Saying so, they disappeared and after some time Yashoda reached the spot. She saw the destruction caused by Krishna and was convinced once again that Krishna was no ordinary mortal being like the others.

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