Once upon a time, there lived a demon named Narakasura. He loved to harass people and so he would ride in his chariot along with his army and create chaos everywhere. Soon, he conquered the entire earth and next he wanted to conquer the heavens too. For this, he decided to consult his ministers. One of them then said that it would be wise if he meditated for a while and obtained a boon which made him stronger. Narakasura agreed and started his penance.

Narakasura meditated for a long time before Lord Brahma appeared, but he was worried where the demon would ask for a boon seeking to be immortal. Narakasura immediately reassured him saying that he does not seek such a boon. He just asks for a boon seeking to be killed by Mother Earth Herself, who gave birth to him in the first place. Lord Brahma grants the boon and disappears.

Narakasura goes on a rampage in the heavens which makes Lord Indra and his troops run away. He loots the heavens and kidnaps 16,000 women. When leaving, he sees the mother goddess, Aditi wearing a stunning pair of earrings. He pulls them from her ear, injuring her badly. Aditi goes crying to Sathyabama, who is the wife of Lord Krishna. At first, Lord Krishna agrees to fight Narakasura alone, but then Sathyabama says that she too wants to come alone as she is a warrior too. After repeated persuasion, Lord Krishna takes Sathyabama along with him to confront Narakasura. They fly there on the back of Garuda. 

Upon reaching the capital of Narakasura’s kingdom, a huge battle erupts between them. Lord Krishna easily decimates the army of Narakasura with the help of Sathyabama and Garuda. Finally, only Narakasura is left standing on the battlefield. He takes his trident and throws it with full force towards Lord Krishna. It hits Lord Krishna on the chest and He falls down. Sathyabama is shocked by this incident and attacks Narakasura by herself and succeeds in killing him. Then, Lord Krishna awakens with a smile on His face. He explains that since she is an incarnation of Mother Earth, and that it was only possible for her to kill him. They both then freed the 16,000 women and retrieved the earrings of Aditi. After that, they both returned home victoriously.

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