Sudama was born to Matuka and Rochana Devi. They were a poor family. But Sudama was a devout follower of Lord Vishnu. He would go on to become one of the best friends Lord Krishna ever had.

Lord Krishna and Sudama studied under the same teacher in their childhood. One day, Lord Krishna asked Sudama if he could be His friend. Sudama, who knew Lord Krishna was from a rich family, did not know what to do. Lord Krishna saw his hesitation and then told him in a gentle voice that He would only ask whatever Sudama was capable of giving Him. Sudama was overjoyed on hearing this and they instantly became good friends. But once they finished their education, they went their separate ways and did not see each other for many years. But they never forgot each other despite the growing number of years or the distance between them. 

 One day, Sudama’s wife Susheela asked him to go to Lord Krishna seeking help. Sudama was at a loss as to what could be done. They were so poor that they were wearing torn clothes and he had nothing to offer Lord Krishna, who was now the king of Dwaraka. After thinking for a great amount of time, he finally packed some crisp rice, which he remembered to be Lord Krishna’s favourite from his childhood days. He then set out for Lord Krishna’s palace.

After reaching there, the guards denied entry to Sudama. Sudama insisted that he would not leave without meeting Lord Krishna, as they were good friends. Finally the guards at the gate passed the information inside. Then to everyone's surprise, Lord Krishna Himself came to the gate and accompanied him inside. After taking him inside the palace, He made Sudama sit on his throne and washed his feet with His own holy hands. Sudama was very embarrassed and did not know what to do. He was feeling upset that he had only got a bunch of crisp rice to give to him. Then Lord Krishna and Sudama started to speak and time flew as they both enjoyed the long lost presence of each other. Sudama forgot the purpose of his visit and sat happily, chatting with Lord Krishna. Such was the beautiful bond of friendship shared between them.

Now, our great Lord Krishna who is known for mischief, started to tease Sudama, asking him what he had in his hand and whether it was for Him. Sudama was embarrassed and did not know what to say. He somehow extended his hand and gave the bunch of crisp rice he had. Lord Krishna instantly knew what it was and was overjoyed beyond measure. He started to eat them along with His wife, Goddess Lakshmi. Eventually it was time for Sudama and Lord Krishna to part ways. Sudama never asked Lord Krishna what his wife had told him to ask. Instead, he just returned home. 

But once he reached his home, a beautiful shock awaited him. In place of his old home, there stood a grand new house. As he walked in, he was greeted by his wife who was happy beyond measure. All the old articles and furniture inside the house were replaced by beautiful and expensive new ones. His wife said that when he had gone, many people had come and given them a huge number of gifts and they had transformed this house. Sudama at once knew whose hand was behind this. Sudama and his wife then lived happily ever after.

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