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Stories of Tenali Raman
Stories of Tenali Raman


A wonderful "Stories Of Thenali Raman" app for your kids with songs, music, animations and sing-along. A fantastic app for kids featuring 20 Stories.

The app is very easy to use and enjoy at the same time. They will spend a lot of time with these songs. The Animated Songs For Kids.

There Total 20 Stories in English and Tamil Languages :-
1. Beautiful Flower
2. True Artist
3. The Secret
4. The Bowl Of Water
5. The Ancestral Wealth
6. Root Of Rassagulla
7. The Divine Forecast
8. Proof Of Innocence
9. The River Water
10. The Magic Chant
11. The Strange Drama
12. Lost History
13. Black Cloak
14. The Tiny Black Box
15. The Real Decoration
16. The Special Light
17. The Most Valuable Thing
18. The Power Of Magic
19. The Precious Box
20. The Roses

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