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Athichudi Kadaigal
Athichudi Kadaigal
Magicbox Video Shows



Aram Cheyya Virumbu, Aaruvathu Chinam, Iyalvathu Karavel Eevathu Vilakkel,Udayathu Vilambel, Ookkamathu Kaividel Enn Ezhathu Izhavel Erpathu Ikazhchi,Ayyam Ittu Unn, Oppuravu Ozhugu, Oothuvathu Ozhiyel, Avviyam Pesel, Ahkam Churukkel!! Written by the famous Poet Avvaiyar in the 3rd Century BCE, Athichudi is a collection of 109 verses written by Avvaiyar on the goals in life and the positive habits one needs to adapt in life. MagicBox brings you a series of animated stories based on these goals quoted by avvaiyar, explaining their importance and how to implement them. So watch Pooja, Teja and friends enact the stories and learn from them too.

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