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Mahabaratha Stories
Mahabaratha Stories
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The Mahabharatha is one of the Greatest Indian Epics and the longest Epic Poems ever written. Magicbox Animation proudly presents to you a versatile selection of 5 distinct stories within Mahabharatha. 1. Ekalavya - The Great Nishadha Warrior Prince 2. Karna - The Sutaputra's Royal Essence 3. Pashupathastra - Arjuna's penance to peace the divine 4. Akshayapatra - Surya's gift to the Pandava's struggle 5. Yaksha Prasana - Lord Yama's Test to the Pandavas. These five chosen characters and topics are the finest examples for determination, humility, patience, obeisance and knowledge of the four vedas.

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