Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Once upon a time, there lived a bear family in a house. The bear family had 3 members. They were the father bear who spoke in a big loud voice, a mother bear who spoke in a medium voice and a little bear who spoke in a tiny little voice. One day, they had made porridge for themselves and were sitting at the table to eat. But it was too hot and so they decided to take a walk to let the porridge cool down and so they left the house. 

During this time, a girl named Goldilocks was passing outside and felt very hungry. She passed by the house of the bear family and decided to ask them for food. She knocked on the door, but got no response. However, she found the door to be open and went inside. She smelt the bowls of porridge on the table and decided to feast on them. First, she tasted the porridge from the big bowl and found it to be too hot. Then she went to the medium bowl and tasted the porridge from that. It was too cold and so she went to the small bowl. This porridge was at about the right temperature for her to eat and so she emptied the bowl in no time. 

After this, she wanted to sit and so she went and tried sitting on the big chair. But it was too tall for her and so she went to the medium chair. That too was high for her and so she went to the little chair. This chair was comfortable for her, but as soon as she sat, the chair broke and she ran to a room nearby.

In that room, she found 3 beds lined up. First, she tried lying down on the big bed, but it was too hard and so she went and laid herself down on the medium bed. But the medium bed was too soft and she did not like it. So, she went to the little bed and tried it. She found it to be very comfortable and soon, she was fast asleep.

Time passed and soon the bear family came home. When they came to the dining table, they found that someone had eaten from all the bowls. The little bear screamed in his little voice and said that his bowl was completely empty. After that, they went inside and saw that someone had been sitting on all the chairs. Once again, the little bear found that his chair was broken and screamed in his tiny voice. After this, they moved to their bedroom.

The bears examined their beds and found that someone had been sleeping in all their beds. For the third time, the little bear screamed in his tiny little voice as he found Goldilocks sleeping in his bed. The 3 bears then started to talk amongst themselves. This awakened Goldilocks from her deep sleep and as soon as she opened her eyes, she saw 3 bears standing in front of her bed. She screamed at the top of her voice and woke up with a sudden jerk. She sent the quilt flying into the air and it fell on the heads of the 3 bears. Without looking back, she jumped out of the window and landed into a pile of dry leaves below. She then ran away at full speed, back to her home.

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