Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood

Once upon a time, there was a little girl. She always wore a red cape and a red hood and hence was fondly referred to as little red riding hood. She would dance and play around the house in her garden and help her mother in her day to day chores. One day, her mother told her to deliver a basket of fruits and snacks to her grandma as she had been sick for more than a week. Little red riding hood agreed and carrying the basket, she happily hopped on her path to grandma’s house. But little did she know that her life was soon about to change!

Out of nowhere, from the thick bushes, a big bad fox sprang out in front of little red riding hood and scared her terribly. She was very scared and did not know what to do. The fox then menacingly asked her as to where she was going. She replied saying that she was on her way to grandma’s house. Immediately, the fox thought to himself that he could have a bigger meal if he ate the grandma also. Hence, the fox allowed her to pass and without her knowing, he followed from the shadows. 

Just as she was about to reach the house, the fox quickly circled around and jumped into the house through a window. Grandma, who was sitting in the chair and knitting, got frightened and locked herself up in the cupboard. The fox was perplexed and hence decided to wait for the girl to come, hoping that grandma would come out then. Taking grandma’s clothes from the table, he quickly disguised himself as the grandma and laid on the bed.

Little red riding hood came and opened the door and found grandma sleeping on the bed. She entered and greeted her grandma. Suddenly, she saw that grandma’s eyes were bigger and hence asked as to why her eyes were larger than before. The grandma (fox in disguise) replied softly saying that it was to make sure that she could see better. Believing her, she moved closer to the bed.

Then, little red riding hood noticed that grandma had long, pointy ears and so she asked grandma as to why her ears were longer than usual. Grandma once again replied softly saying that it was to help her hear better. Believing this too, she moved closer to the bed.

Finally, she saw grandma’s long and sharp teeth and asked why she had such gruesome teeth. The fox was now out of patience and replied in a gruff voice saying that his teeth were sharp so that he could eat her. With this, the fox ripped his disguise to shreds and jumped out of the bed. Little red riding hood screamed for her life and ran about the room as the fox chased her. Fortunately, there was a hunter passing outside and he happened to hear the growls of the fox and the screams of the girl. He loaded his gun and immediately rushed to the house.

He kicked open the door and saw a big bad fox chasing a girl. Without wasting a second, he aimed his gun at the fox and pulled the trigger. The fox went flying towards one side of the room and died instantly. The grandma then came out of her cupboard and along with little red riding hood, she thanked the hunter profusely for saving their lives. All 3 of them sat in the garden outside and together they had a fun time. They shared the fruits and snacks which were brought by little red riding hood in her basket. After that, all of them lived happily ever after.

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