Once upon a time, there lived a woodcutter by the name of Geppetto. Though he was a man who was simple by nature, he wished to have a son. All the happiness could never fill the desire he had to obtain a son. He would pray daily and ask for a son. One day, Geppetto decided to carve a boy from the wood he cut and just keep it by his bedside. So, he made a little boy without legs and he named the wooden boy as Pinocchio.

That night, a fairy came in through the window and bestowed life to the wooden doll. Pinocchio came to life as Geppetto was fast asleep. The fairy then told Pinocchio to be a good boy and that someday she may even make him a real human boy. She also told him not to lie and that if he lied, his nose would grow longer. Pinocchio agreed and the fairy then went away, leaving a magical cricket behind which would help him make decisions. The next morning, Geppetto woke up and was surprised to see Pinocchio staring at him. He rubbed his eyes and looked closer and saw that he was indeed alive. He was very happy and hugged him. Both of them lived happily until Geppetto decided to make legs for Pinocchio. After he made and attached the legs to Pinocchio, he became so naughty. He used to run around the house and destroy everything. So, the cricket came out and decided to advise him. He told Pinocchio to go to school as it would help him in many ways. However, Pinocchio grew frustrated and chased the cricket away.

Geppetto too decided that it was better for Pinocchio to go to school and so he bought him a school book and sent him off to school the next day. Pinocchio took the book and started walking towards the school. However on the way, he saw a circus and noticed a lot of people having fun there. When he tried to enter the circus, he was asked to buy a ticket, but he did not have any money. So, he decided to sell the book and buy the ticket. After receiving the ticket, he went and watched the circus. But the circus master noticed him and asked his servants to bring him in, so that he could be used as a puppet. The servants caught hold of his hands and legs and took him to meet the circus master. Pinocchio then narrated to the circus master about what all had happened and he took pity on Pinocchio. He gave him 5 gold coins and told him to join school and become a good boy. Pinocchio took the gold coins and left the circus tent.

After this, when Pinocchio was on his way home, he met a fox and a cat who were together. They spoke with him and they pretended to be poor and asked for his help. The magical cricket interrupted him here and told Pinocchio to think twice before helping strangers. Pinocchio, ignored the cricket and decided to help them and so the both of them took him to a restaurant. The fox and the cat ordered a lot of food and began to eat. Pinocchio ate little and fell asleep. When he awoke, the fox and the cat had left and the restaurant owner asked him to pay for the food. He then had to pay a gold coin for the food and left with the 4 remaining gold coins in his pocket. He then went home and searched for his father but could not find him. So, he went out and started searching for him. But, the fox and cat were still following him and this time, they decided to loot him of the remaining 4 gold coins.

Pinocchio saw that they were following him and so he started to run. The fox and the cat chased him up and down a hill and across a vast field. They then reached a fast flowing river. Pinocchio ran and jumped across the river with ease. But when the fox and cat tried to do so, they fell into the river and they drowned to death. Pinocchio ran and ran and finally he came across the fairy’s palace. He went inside and met the fairy. The fairy knew what was happening but nevertheless she decided to check his principles. She asked him many questions about the gold coins and the fox and the cat, but Pinocchio always lied and his nose kept growing longer until it went outside the palace window. Pinocchio could no longer leave the palace and finally he had to tell the truth to the fairy. The fairy then summoned 3 woodpeckers and asked them to shorten Pinocchio’s nose and within a few minutes, his nose was back to normal. Pinocchio then asked the fairy about what happened to his father and she said that he was gobbled up by a whale in the sea.

Pinocchio then went to the sea and when he was searching for the whale, the whale suddenly came up from below him and gobbled him up. Pinocchio went deeper and deeper into the whale’s body and in the stomach, he saw his father sitting there. They both rejoiced on seeing each other and they started looking for ways to escape. At that time, Pinocchio decided to tickle the whale’s tummy from the inside and Geppetto joined him too. The whale giggled and giggled and soon he laughed so hard that he had to cough them outside. Both of them were ejected with such force from the whale’s mouth that they went flying from the sea and landed on the beach.

Pinocchio and Geppetto then went home and slept as they were very tired. That night, the fairy came home and transformed Pinocchio into a normal human boy as a reward for his valour and transformation in character. Geppetto and Pinocchio then lived happily ever after.

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