The Wolf and the Seven Lambs

The Wolf and the Seven Lambs

Once upon a time, there lived a mother sheep and she had 7 lambs. They were very naughty but smart kids. One day, when she opened the vessel in her house for food, she found it to be empty and so she had to go to the market to get some food. Before leaving, she told her kids to not open the door for anyone but her. Kissing them all one by one, she then left, closing the door behind her.

As she walked down the path to the market, the big bad wolf was watching from the shadows in disguise and smiled in glee. At once, he ran up to the sheep’s house and asked the lambs to open the door, saying that he had got delicious food for them. But the lambs were intelligent and they heard the gruff voice and knew that it was the big bad wolf. So, they shouted and sent the wolf away, asking him not to come again. The wolf had not yet given up, but decided to try again instead.

The wolf now started to practice speaking in the voice of the mother sheep and soon he achieved it. He ran up to the house and speaking like the mother sheep, he asked them to open the door, saying that he had brought delicious food for them. But, the lambs had another trick up their sleeve. They saw through the peephole at the bottom of the door and saw that the legs were orange in colour. Immediately, they knew that it was the big bad fox and told him to go away. But, one of the lambs blurted out saying that they found he was the wolf by looking at his legs through the peephole. The fox was frustrated and decided to come up with another plan.

The fox went to town and entered a flour shop and asked the shopkeeper to coat his legs with white flour. The shopkeeper was amused by this unusual request, but nevertheless he fulfilled his request and made his legs white by sprinkling flour on them. The fox rushed to the sheep’s house and once again repeated the same dialogue. The lambs got fooled by the fake mother voice and the flour coated white legs and opened the door. The fox rushed in and all the lambs fear taken aback and so they ran helter skelter. Some lambs hid beneath the bed and some behind the curtain and some went into the kitchen. Eventually 6 of them were gobbled up by the wolf, except the one who was hiding behind the tall grandfather clock. But, however, the wolf had just swallowed them whole and had not yet killed them yet. This was observed by the lamb hiding behind the tall grandfather clock. The wolf then left the house and slept in a bush nearby, but the lamb did not come out in fear.

When the mother sheep came back, she was shocked to see the door of the house wide open and upon going inside, she started to cry as she could not find any of her children. Hearing the mother’s cry, the lamb hiding behind the clock stumbled out and went running to the mother. The mother was happy to see that at least one of her lambs had survived. The lamb then consoled her saying that the wolf had only gobbled them whole and they were still alive. The mother was happy and following the snoring of the sleeping wolf, she located him laying behind a bush. Taking a pair of scissors, she cut open the wolf’s belly and took out all 6 of her lambs. She then filled the belly of the wolf with rocks from nearby and stitched his stomach.

The wolf woke up after the long slumber and felt uneasy due to the rocks in his stomach. So, he decided to drink water from a nearby river. He went to the river and as he bent forward to drink the water, the rocks in his stomach caused him to lose balance and fall into the river. The fox was unable to swim as the rocks in his stomach made him too heavy and finally the fox drowned in the river and died. The mother sheep and the lambs saw this from the window of their house and danced happily as they could now live free from fear of the big bad fox. They all lived happily ever after.

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