Be With Gratitude

Be With Gratitude

Once upon a time in a village, there was a drought and so the people could not cultivate crops or earn money for their survival. People then started to leave the village. In one house, a farmer was sitting and thinking on how to get food for his family. At this time, his wife and children came up to him asking for food. The wife told him to go to another place and look for a job, otherwise the family would die. The man agreed and went away in search of a job.

On his way, he found a big pit. He could hear noises emerging from the pit and when he looked in it, he found that a man, a snake, a tiger and a monkey were stranded. They all asked the farmer for help. The farmer agreed and lifted everyone outside. They all thanked him and said they would be indebted to him for this great help. So saying, all of them went their separate ways.

The farmer went to town and looked for a job, but was unsuccessful. He then decided to go back home and he took the same path through which he had come. The monkey he had rescued stopped him and on seeing that he was very tired, he offered some grapes as food. The farmer thanked the monkey and ate the grapes. As he regained his strength, he now resumed his journey and after some time, he came across the tiger. 

The tiger welcomed him to his cave and inside there was a huge quantity of treasure. The tiger told him to take whatever he liked and so the farmer took a small bag of jewels and departed. He then decided to sell it to the man whom he had rescued before. He went to him and showed him the jewels. That man immediately realised that these jewels belonged to the royal princess. His mind became greedy and he decided to inform the king about this, so that he would get a reward. So, he did the same and the king’s guards came and threw the farmer into prison.

In prison, the farmer realised how grateful the animals were, unlike the man. After sometime, the snake which he had rescued entered his prison and asked him as to why he was here. The farmer narrated everything to him and the snake said that he had an idea. He said that he would bite the princess and make it go away only when the farmer touched the princess. This would make the king grateful and he would be released from prison too. The farmer agreed and the snake went and bit the princess.

No matter how hard the best physicians of the kingdom tried, no one was able to find a cure for her sickness. The farmer then told the guard in prison that he can cure her sickness. The king, who was desperate now, readily agreed and so the farmer was brought forth. He came and touched the princess on the foot and immediately the princess recovered. The king was very elated and he pardoned the farmer for his crime. Apart from this, he also gifted the farmer with plenty of rewards from the royal treasury. The man was very happy and he went back to his family. He could now take care of his family with no troubles.

Moral - What goes around, comes around. It costs nothing to be kind, hence one must always be kind and help those around them who are in need.

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