Beautiful Flower

Beautiful Flower

King Krishnadevaraya was extremely upset and depressed. He did not know what to do and spent many days in the same state of mind. One of the courtiers saw this too and approached the king, but the king just walked away. So, all the courtiers held a meeting and made various plans to cheer up the king.

One day in court, one of the ministers said that an art and music festival could be held in the kingdom. Another minister said that a yajna should be conducted for the kingdom to be prosperous. The army commander then stood up and said that the military skills and artillery of the army can be put on show in order to showcase their might. One by one, all the ministers suggested something or the other except Tenali Raman. Seeing this, the king then asked him as to why he was silent. Tenali then broke his silence and said that he had seen some beautiful flowers that morning. He asked the king whether he too wanted to see them. The king obliged and soon they all set out to see the beautiful flowers as expressed by Tenali.

Tenali took the king and his ministers to a place where all the children were playing. As all were observing the children playing, the king went ahead and joined them. In no time, he played as if he was a kid. He ran and shouted along with them and also played many games. For a while, he forgot that he was a king and became a child all over again. Finally, after getting exhausted, the king went to Tenali Raman and said that he had a good time. Tenali was happy to see the king normal once again. The king then asked Tenali as to where were the flowers which he was talking about. Tenali then said that the children whom he had been playing with for so long were the beautiful flowers which he was talking about. The king agreed and all of them returned to the kingdom. He then decided that he would play with the children once a month. The king also ordered his ministers to buy all the toys which the children needed.

Moral - Children are the most beautiful flowers on this planet.

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