Do Not Lie

Do Not Lie

Once upon a time in a big and beautiful village, there lived a man with his wife and son. The man would take his goats to graze in the fields in the morning and return during sunset. This was his routine. His wife would work at home, but whereas his snow would just roam around the village. He would indulge in gossip and spend his time by playing pranks and games.

However, the father had to go to the city for a few days and hence he called upon his son to take care of the goats during that time. The son was rude and said that he was not interested in doing such things. Then, his mother intervened and told him that it was his duty to help his father whenever needed. The son finally accepted due to no other choice.

He took the goats to graze the next day. As they grazed, he sat alone and felt very bored. Hence, he decided to play a prank. So, he yelled “Tiger, tiger” at a high pitch. The villagers who were working in the fields nearby heard this and ran to his aid, carrying sticks and tools. ONce they reached the spot, they found that the boy was bluffing. They grew angry and scolded him for wasting their time. However, the boy did not say anything as he found all of this funny.

The next day, the boy decided to play the same prank when the goats were grazing. But, suddenly out of nowhere, a tiger really came and started hunting the goats. The boy yelled for help, but no one came to his rescue. All the goats were eventually killed by the tiger and the boy went back home alone. He then realised the mistake he had committed and the heavy price he had paid for it.

Moral - Once bitten, twice shy. If you cheat someone once, that person will never trust you again. So, one must be careful when indulging in fun.

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