Don’t be Proud

Don’t be Proud

Once upon a time, there lived many animals in the jungle. They had a king who was the lion. He was like a dictator and he always ordered the animals to do this or do that. The animals were fed up with it and decided to do something about him. 

So they discussed it together and after a long time, they arrived upon a decision. After that, they approached the lion to speak to him. The lion remained inside the cave and shouted from within saying that they were wasting his time. Then the animals started speaking to the lion saying that they had an idea. They said that as the lion was old, he would find it difficult to hunt and hence they had a solution for this. 

The lion was short tempered and roared again. One of the animals started saying that it was best if they went back from there. Another animal told him not to lose hope and they suggested to the lion that they would send an animal each day as food for the lion. The lion accepted and all the animals went away to their homes.

So, every day an animal went as food for the lion. Soon, a lot of bones started to pile outside the cave and this continued for many days. One day, it was the turn of the baby rabbit. Though his mother did not want him to go, the baby rabbit went ahead nonetheless. He reached the cave later and the lion was waiting angrily.

He explained to the lion saying that someone obstructed his way and this was the reason for his delay. When the lion asked who that person was, the rabbit replied that it was another lion and he had spoken bad about the king. After hearing this, the lion got angry and demanded the rabbit to show him the location of the lion. The rabbit reminded him that he was hungry and he should eat him first.

But the lion was terribly angry by now and said that he was no longer hungry, but instead he wanted to annihilate the lion who had blocked the rabbit’s way. So, the rabbit took the lion to a well. He told the lion that his enemy was inside the well. The lion peeped into the well and saw his own reflection in the water. In a fit of rage, he did not even think whether it was real or not and dived into the well. He fell in and soon drowned in the water. The baby rabbit went back and told the animals about what had happened. The animals were very happy and praised him for his wit.

Moral - One should never be proud, otherwise it will result in their downfall.

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