Don’t Trust Anybody

Don’t Trust Anybody

Once upon a time, a man was riding on a camel. But suddenly, the camel fell sick and could not walk anymore. So, the man abandoned the camel in a forest and went away. However, the camel survived by eating whatever was nearby and soon it became healthy. The camel then started to roam the forest.

At the same time, there were 3 friends in the forest. They were the lion, the fox and the crow. They had heard about the camel’s entry and decided to meet with him. So they went and met with him and soon they became good friends. They had a lot of fun together and many days went by.

One day, the lion went to hunt an elephant alone and got injured badly. He returned to his cave and collapsed from his injuries. As the lion was unable to hunt, the other 3 friends had no food too and hence the lion ordered the 3 of them to go in different directions and hunt for food.

The 3 of them went in different directions, but unfortunately they were unable to obtain any food. After a long time, they returned back home. But the 3 of them had met earlier and came up with a plan. When they came in front of the lion, the crow first offered himself as food to the lion. After this, the fox did the same. But the camel went a bit far and said that he was the only one who could satisfy the hunger of all the 3 there. Without a moment’s hesitation, they all pounced on the camel and killed him.

Moral - One should never trust anyone completely, even though they may seem friendly and sweet at first.

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