Foolish Friend

Foolish Friend

Once upon a time, there lived a king. But, he was unlike any other king or human for that matter. Normally, any human would have a dog or cat or bird as a pet, but this king had a monkey as a pet. Naturally, it was his choice, but the other people around him made fun of him for this, including his own ministers. But the king did not care and the monkey too liked being with him.

The king and the monkey were in fact more than just that. They were thick friends and they did everything together, from swimming to eating and even sitting together. This news spread across the entire kingdom and people had mixed opinions on this. 

One night when the king was sleeping, the monkey was fanning the king so that he could sleep comfortably. Suddenly, a fly came into the room and started buzzing around the king’s face. The monkey grew irritated as this would disturb the sleep of the king and so he called out to the fly and asked him to go away.

The fly then said that it wanted to speak to the king. To this, the monkey said that he can come to the court tomorrow and speak, but the fly was adamant and continued to keep buzzing. The monkey was furious now and he started swinging the fan wildly at the fly. The fan then flew from the monkey’s hands into another corner of the room. The fly, after dodging his attacks, went and settled on the king’s chest. 

The monkey reached out to the table nearby and took the knife which was on the plate. Raising it high, and bringing it down with full force, he aimed for the fly, but instead stabbed the king in his chest. The fly flew away and the king died instantly. The monkey did not know what to do and escaped from the palace.

Moral - One should not get irritated or mad owing to the behaviour of fools around us. Like in the story above, the fool (fly) lost nothing but the king died and a beautiful friendship was broken.

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