God Provides!

God Provides!

Once upon a time in India, long before the age of our fathers and grandfathers, there was a king who was very famous for being wise and kind. His fame spread far and wide throughout the kingdom but along with this he had something else too. He was an atheist, as he did not believe in god. Even if the royal priest brought him something from the temple, the king would turn down the offerings.

One day, 2 men named Acharya and Atriya came into the royal court claiming to be refugees from the neighbouring kingdom. Upon hearing this, the king immediately ordered his guards to give them each some gold coins and a place to stay as well. The guards brought them the gold coins. Acharya thanked the king whereas Atriya thanked god. They then left the palace. After they left, what Atriya had said kept running in the mind of the king and he started to grow frustrated. He then decided to conduct a test.

The king told the guards to drop some gold coins on a big empty road which leads from the palace to the homes of Acharya and Atriya. The guards went and did the same and watched from a distance. As Acharya and Atriya started walking down the street, Acharya exclaimed that the street was so big and wide and he could even walk with his eyes closed and so he did exactly that! As Acharya walked down the street with his eyes closed, he failed to see the bag of gold coins lying down and he just walked by it. But Atriya saw the bag of gold coins and after taking it, he thanked god. The guards went and informed the king about what had happened. He grew thoughtful now and he decided to keep one more test before arriving at a conclusion!

The next day, the king went to Acharya and he gave him a pumpkin filled with gold coins and jewels. Later that day, he called upon Acharya and Atriya to come to the court. After they came, the king asked them to narrate to him about the significant events from their day. Acharya said that he had sold the pumpkin for a few coins at a local market.

Atriya’s turn came and he said that something unbelievable happened to him that day. He said that he bought a pumpkin filled with gold coins and jewels at a local market. Atriya then thanked god once again in the royal court for his good fortune. At this point, the king was convinced that there was some divine presence which was at work here and hence he started to believe in god.

Moral - Trust in the higher force above us

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