How the Zebra got its Stripes

How the Zebra got its Stripes

Once upon a time in Africa, when the animals were still evolving and the weather was constantly changing, there lived a beautiful white animal called the zebra. He was white from head to toe and he was extremely proud of it. Apart from this, he was extremely lazy and arrogant as well. He always boasted about his beauty to the other animals and they all maintained their distance from him as no one liked him.

One day as the proud zebra walked through the grasslands of Africa, he met a monkey. The monkey was busy gathering fruits that had fallen on the ground. He saw the zebra and as a good friend, he decided to warn him of the winter that was soon approaching. The monkey spoke to the zebra and told him to start gathering food for the winter as no food such as grass would be available in the cold weather. The zebra got angry suddenly for no reason and he told the monkey to mind his business. With this, the monkey decided to move away and the zebra too walked away without even giving a second thought to what the monkey had said.

After some weeks, the grasslands of Africa were beginning to get covered by snow and as the monkey saw the zebra for a second time, he decided to warn him again. The monkey spoke to the zebra and told him to consider his advice for one more time. The zebra started fuming and he told the monkey to get lost. The monkey said nothing and just went away quietly.

Soon, the grasslands of Africa were covered in snow and there was no food to be found. The grass dried up and was covered by thick blankets of snow. Hence, the zebra could find nothing to eat. He roamed around with a sad face hoping to find food somewhere. As he was roaming, he could smell an aroma coming from somewhere nearby. He followed the aroma and started to run blindly towards it. He ran and ran and suddenly, his front hoof hit an upright root which was sticking out from the ground. He went flying into the air and fell straight into a bonfire made of wooden logs. The monkeys who were sitting around the fire ran helter skelter and the zebra quickly got up and started to run towards the river to cool himself down.

As the zebra jumped into the river, he saw something terrifying! He was no longer fully white as before. He found black stripes lining his body from head to toe and he no longer had any beauty to boast of. The zebra now became striped with black and white and he learnt his lesson the hard way.

Fun fact - The zebra’s stripes serve as a good camouflage and help in hiding when they are being hunted by predators

Moral - Save for a rainy day

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