Listen to Elders’ Advice

Listen to Elders’ Advice

Once upon a time, there lived an elder bird and two younger birds in a nest on a tree. The tree was big and soon a creeper started growing up the tree. It circled itself around the tree and grew slowly. The elder bird noticed this and decided to speak to the younger birds about this.

He went and told both of them about the creeper and said that it was best if they cut down the plant immediately as it may pose an unforeseen threat in the future. To this, one of the younger birds said that it was not a good decision because the creeper was like a decoration to the tree. The elder bird tried to convince him of the dangers it may pose in the future, but the younger bird remained adamant.

Adding to this, the other younger bird too joined in and said that the elder bird was being too pessimistic and the creeper should be left alone. Finally, due to a lack of choice, the elder bird had to agree with them. Many years passed by and the creeper grew thicker and stronger till the top of the tree.

One day, the 3 birds had gone out together. During that time, a hunter came and climbed the tree, using the circling creeper as a ladder. After climbing up, he set up a net to trap the birds. Then, he went into hiding. When the birds returned, they were all caught in the trap.

At this time, the elder bird pointed to them the reason for their current situation. The 2 younger birds realised their mistake and apologised to the elder bird. They then said that they would follow the advice he gives. So, the elder bird then said that they would play dead until the hunter arrives and throws them onto the ground. After this, they would fly away.

Soon, the hunter came and found 3 dead birds in the trap he had laid. He took them one by one and threw them on the ground. As soon as all 3 had fallen down, they stood up and flew away.

Moral - One must never neglect the advice of elders.

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