Lost History

Lost History

Once upon a time, king Krishnadevaraya was very sad as Tenali Raman was not coming to the court for a few days. He missed the company of Tenali and so he sent a guard to enquire as to the whereabouts of Tenali. The guard went to Tenali’s home and reported to the king. He said that he had spoken to the wife of Tenali. She said that Tenali left early in the morning everyday and was not at home. The king grew furious hearing this and he ordered the guard to pass an order saying that Tenali must present himself tomorrow otherwise he will be facing severe punishment. The guard went and said this to Tenali’s wife.

The next day, Tenali came to court and one of the ministers passed a remark saying that Tenali was wearing royal garments. He also went on to say that Tenali had earned money illegally and that was how he was able to afford such expensive clothing. 

Tenali Raman stood up and carefully unwrapped an object that he was carrying with him. He took it and presented it to the king. It was a book about the lost history of the Vijayanagara kingdom. The king examined it and was very pleased with Tenali.

Tenali then explained that this book was stolen by a cunning person and so he had to steal it back from him. Owing to this reason, Tenali had to be absent from the court for a few days. The king became very impressed with Tenali and rewarded him with 1000 gold coins. All the other ministers looked on in jealousy as Tenali Raman got his reward.

Moral - You reap what you sow. So be good in all your deeds.

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