The Elephant and the Mice

The Elephant and the Mice

Once upon a time in a jungle, a herd of elephants were roaming from one place to another in search of food. They travelled across a long distance and in their journey, they trampled upon and killed several mice. But, the elephants were unaware as they were mighty creatures.

The mice then held a meeting and spoke about the loss of lives by the elephants in the recent past. It was then decided that the best course of action would be to speak to the leader of the elephants. So, the leader of the mice along with a few others went and confronted the herd of elephants.

The leader of the mice spoke to the leader of the elephants, requesting a little time to speak. The elephant accepted and the mouse then conveyed to him about the loss of lives caused by his herd. He requested the elephant to change the path to their destination, so that no more deaths would occur. The leader of the elephants listened patiently and accepted the request. He also said that the death of the mice was unintentional and that he was sorry for it. The mouse gratefully thanked the elephant leader and said that they would someday return the favour which was done to them today. All the mice left the spot after this.

The elephants spoke among themselves as to how such tiny creatures would be able to help them. This was an obvious underestimation of the mice by the elephants and soon they would be proved wrong.

A few days later, the herd of elephants were headed to the lake in order to bathe and drink water. But, a hunter had laid traps on their way and all the elephants got caught in various trap nets positioned along the path. Soon, they started to trumpet loudly for help. Their cries for help spread throughout the forest, but no one came to their rescue.

Eventually, one of the mice heard these cries for help and called all the other mice to the spot where all the elephants were trapped. They all got together and rushed to the trap nets. All the mice started to chew the net at various places with their sharp teeth and in no time, all the nets were cut and all the elephants were free. The elephants thanked the mice profusely for their timely help and went on their way, realising how they had underestimated the mice before!

Moral - One should never underestimate others as each and every living being has an unique set of attributes and skills.

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