The Fox and the Cave

The Fox and the Cave

Once upon a time in a jungle, a hungry lion was roaming about and was searching for food. But unfortunately, he could not find any food and cursed his fate for his present situation. He travelled far and eventually stumbled upon a cave. He entered the cave and found it to be empty.

Then an idea struck him. He thought that as this was a cave, some animal must definitely be residing here and soon that animal will come back. He decided to wait and kill that animal upon its arrival. So, the lion waited patiently.

Now, the cave belonged to a fox and he was known to be the smartest animal in the forest. The fox was returning from somewhere, back to his cave. As he neared the cave, he saw footprints going into the cave. Being smart, he immediately recognised the footprints to be that of a lion. He also noticed that there were no footprints coming out of the cave, which meant that the lion was waiting inside!

The fox then decided to confirm this by playing a small trick. He called out to the cave and asked for it to reply. The lion who was inside was wondering as to what was going on here. No reply came and the fox decided to try another time. He called out to the cave again and this time the lion was completely confused. He then decided to reply and gave a roar as a response.

The fox’s suspicions were confirmed! He knew the lion was hiding inside and without wasting a second, he immediately ran away from there. The lion continued to wait inside the cave and shortly after, it died of starvation.

Moral - Wise people are always alert and use all their senses in analysing a situation. Hence, they can always find a way out of any problem.

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