The Fox and the Goat

The Fox and the Goat

Once upon a time, a fox was roaming through the desert on a hot sunny day. The fox was very thirsty and he walked through the desert in search of water. Soon, he came across a well near a group of houses and after he saw that the entire village was abandoned, he tried peering into the well to see if it had water. But as it was too high from the ground, the fox had to leap onto the wall of the well to look inside. Once the fox was on the wall, he looked inside and saw that the well had water. But as soon as he leaned inside, the fox slipped and fell into the well. The fox drank the water but now it struggled to come up as he could not jump. The fox then started to shout for help.

A goat happened to pass by the well and he heard the cries of the fox. The goat climbed onto the wall and saw that the fox was stuck in the well. The fox then asked the goat if he was thirsty. The goat said he was very thirsty and the wolf instantly thought of a cunning idea to use this opportunity to his advantage. He said to the goat that the water was very refreshing and told him to jump inside and have a taste. Without a second thought, the goat jumped into the well and drank the water. Though the water was tasty, the goat had fallen for the fox’s trap and they both were now stranded.

The goat now knew that he could not climb out of the well and he put forth this question to the fox. The fox had a reply to this and he said that he would climb on the back of the goat and go out. Once he was outside, he would help the goat to climb out as well. The goat once again agreed without thinking twice and stood against the side of the wall inside the well. The fox then climbed onto the back of the goat and after standing on his shoulders, and jumping about half a dozen times, he finally got a hold of the top of the wall and was able to come out of the well. 

Once he came out, he thanked the goat and began to walk away. The goat called out from within the well, but the fox went away without paying any heed. The goat who had come to help in the first place, was now in need of help himself which he was most likely not going to get as he was in the middle of a desert.

Moral - Always think twice before you do anything. Look before you leap.

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