The Guest

The Guest

Once upon a time, there lived a great king in his kingdom. He was very famous as he would sit from day to night on his throne, solving all the people’s problems. At night, he would go to sleep in his bed. Now, his bed was no ordinary bed. It was made from the finest wood and had the most beautiful and intricate carvings on it. The head and foot panels were big and royal and the mattress was made from the softest material.

After a hard day’s work, the king would come and sleep on this luxurious bed and get a good rest so that he would be fully refreshed for the next day. While he was asleep, two guards would patrol the corridors by walking up and down. However, someone was able to enter the king’s bedroom in spite of this tight security and he was a lice. The lice would wait for the king to sleep patiently and then drink his blood. This was its daily routine and as it was alone, he enjoyed drinking the king’s blood as there was no one else to share it.

One day, the lice suddenly spotted a bed bug on the mattress. The lice was angry and told the bed bug to go away. But the bed bug did not listen and asked the lice to listen to what he had to say. The lice then asked him as to how he had entered the king’s bedroom in the first place. The bed bug said that he had come along with the fresh laundry and said that he would leave the next day after tasting the king’s blood. The lice disagreed at first, but upon continuous persuasion by the bed bug, he agreed.

The next day, at night, both of them waited for the king to come and fall asleep. But however. The king sat and did not sleep. He was engrossed in deep thought and did not sleep soon like the previous days. The lice continued to wait patiently, but the bed bug was overcome with joy and could not control himself. The bed bug rushed and bit the king and started to drink his blood while he was awake. The king yelled in pain and on hearing this, both the guards who were outside rushed in. The bed bug immediately ran away and escaped, but the lice was too slow to react. The guards came and squashed the lice to death.

Moral - One must always not help blindly. Helping a random person carelessly can result in the most disastrous of consequences if one is not careful.

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