The Magic Hat

The Magic Hat

Once upon a time, a man was stuck in the sea in his boat. There was a huge storm building up and he could not take his boat to the shower. Finally, after a great struggle, the boat capsized and broke. The man fell into the sea and lost consciousness. When he awoke, he had been washed ashore by the waves and he went home on foot. As soon as he reached home, he fell into the arms of his wife,bitterly weeping. When she asked him about what had happened, he told her about the storm in the sea. His wife then calmly reassured him that he could always make another boat by cutting down a tree. And with that, in the middle of the night, the man rushed with his axe into the forest nearby.

But however, his optimism was misplaced as he could not locate a proper tree and in his desperate search, he lost his way. Rain poured and thunder roared as the man tried to find his way back home. Suddenly, he saw lights from a house at a distance and though it was not his house, he went and knocked on the door. An elderly couple answered the door and they welcomed him inside when he asked for shelter. The man sat inside and after a while he felt hungry. So, he asked the old couple for food. The old couple then told him that they would get him food if he waited for some more time and after saying so they went into a room and closed the curtain.

The man was unable to restrain his curiosity and he opened the curtain to take a peek inside the room. He saw the elderly couple wearing hats and whispering something and as soon as they wore them, they disappeared instantly from the room. The man was baffled and so he went in and found another hat in a box on the table. He took the hat and wore it but nothing happened. Then he remembered that the elderly couple whispered something and so he commanded the hat to take him wherever the old couple went. And with that he was gone from the room as well.

The man was teleported to a royal room with lots of food laid on a table. As soon as he saw the food, he sprang on it and started gobbling it up. The elderly couple on hearing the noise turned and saw that the man from their house was there with them. They told him that it was dangerous here and asked him to stop making noises. The man was however overcome by his greed and he just kept devouring the food. The elderly couple then told him that they were leaving and wearing their hats, they disappeared from the room. The man had eaten a lot now and he fell asleep on the table.

He suddenly awoke as he was being dragged by two people. Upon closer inspection, he found them to be guards. They dragged the man in front of their king and tied him to a big tree. The guards then told the king that he was the food thief in the palace and immediately the king ordered him to be hung to death. The man panicked and did not know what to do. But he tried to keep calm and work out a solution to this predicament he was in. The king then asked him if he had any final wishes and the man said that he wanted to wear his hat for one last time. The king was dumbfounded but nevertheless, he ordered the guards to place the hat on his head. As soon as the guards placed the hat on his head, the man commanded it to take him home and in an instant he disappeared from the spot with the tree he was tied to!

The man was teleported to his home where he landed with the tree. The huge noise woke up the sleeping wife and when she came, she was surprised to see such a big tree and she asked him as to why he was tied to the tree he cut.

Moral - One can always find a solution to any problem or solution, if they keep calm and think.

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