The North Wind and the Sun

The North Wind and the Sun

Once upon a time, there was a great argument raging between the north wind and the sun. They both were arguing to see who was the strongest among them. But no matter what they said, one could not prove the other wrong and so words flew left and right until they saw a man walking below. Both the north wind and the sun watched from the sky as the lonely man walked along a long stretch of road, wearing a thick coat. It was then that they got the idea to decide who was the strongest by putting their skills to the test.

They both spoke and agreed that whosoever was successful in making the man remove his coat, he would be declared the strongest. The north wind was the first to make his move. He inhaled deeply and sucked in a lot of air. Then he blew the air at the man who was walking. The man felt a sudden chill with the gust of wind that blew. He looked to the sky and wondered as to what was happening with the weather. The man then rubbed his palms and continued to walk. The north wind was disappointed and he decided to let loose his full potential now. Once again he inhaled with all his might and as he did so, all the winds around the man disappeared.

The man scratched his head and walked on, not having a clue as to what was going on. And at once, like a bolt from the blue, cold and freezing winds hit the man from all sides. The north wind was wild with fury and he was sending wave upon wave of cold winds. The man shivered and trembled and did the exact opposite of what the north wind had wanted him to do. The man pulled his coat closer to him instead of removing it and continued to walk. The sun chuckled to himself and the north wind finally gave up.

It was the sun’s turn now and he had a simple plan. He just shone warmly upon the man and did nothing else. By now all the winds had stopped and the man was very profoundly confused as to what was wrong with the weather. He shook his head and walked on, but soon he found himself to be sweating. Completely exhausted, he slowly unbuttoned his coat and removed it. He bunched it up and draped it over his shoulders. The north wind accepted his defeat and left the area. The sun smiled in victory from above as warm rays of sunlight illuminated the earth.

Moral - Never look to solve a problem by using brute force. There is always a calm approach to things.

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